Global Information Society Watch 2017
Special edition Internet governance from the edges: National and regional IGFs in their own words

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Cathy Chen and Flavia Fascendini

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Global Information Society Watch 2017

Special Edition

Unshackling expression: A study on laws criminalising expression online in Asia

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Gayatri Khandhadai - APC

Pavitra Ramanujam - APC

Geetha Hariharan

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Gayatri Khandhadai - APC

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Geetha Hariharan

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Lori Nordstrom  - APC

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Cornerstone, Achilles heel or “fake news”? WSIS and the role of the multistakeholder approach in empowering civil society’s participation in internet governance 


APC, Senior Advisor on Internet Governance

The WSIS ought to be considered both as an experiment in global communication governance and a political marker. As a multi-stakeholder experience, the event tested the effectiveness and feasibility of integrating non-government actors into an intergovernmental political negotiation process.